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Optimal Calorie IntakeIt’s important
to identify the optimal calorie intake you need
by quantifying and qualifying variables in your
body such as height, weight, gender, body-fat
level, muscle tissue, activity level and genetic

2) ExerciseOxygen is imperative in order
to optimally burn fat.  Therefore, cardiovascular
activity is essential.  In addition, exercise
sends a message to your body that muscle is
more valuable than fat.  Exercise can be a brisk
walk or as intense as running intervals or
metabolic weight training.  Exercise depends
on your personal goals and current physical
condition.  Through exercise, you teach your
body to build muscle.  Therefore, it must burn
fat for energy.

3) MotivationIn the final analysis, weight-
management is up to you.  You can continue
on the failure cycle or, make a long-term
commitment to better health.  If you chose the
latter, there is only one way—proper nutrition
and exercise.  Let your fitness professionals
design an exclusive program just for you.  Start
Commit to Fitness
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Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Start today

  • Make The Commitment

  • Do It For Yourself

  • Go Through The Motions (form
    the habit)

  • Do It Every Day

  • Have A Schedule

  • Make It A Priority

  • Listen to your body’s signals

  • Renew Your Commitment

My Goal is:

Staying Focused

Three things I can do to create
excitement and variety are:

Have a support system
Don’t Let a Slip Become a Slide!

How can I learn more?

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